Kandinsky’s “Still Ill” has arrived to London 
Daniela Pisciottano

Reportedly, 4-10% of the British population has experienced depression at least once. 
Although this number has increased recently and mental health is becoming more acknowledged, people still find difficulties in coming to terms with it. To raise awareness this November the New Diorama Theatre will present “Still ill”, a play that evolves around mental health.
















Bearing in mind the statistics, London will be the perfect host for this play, which opens a window on the “unsettling world of un-diagnosable”.
To dig deeper, I have interviewed Hannah, a 20 years old woman suffering from depression and suicidal behaviour since the age of 15. 
According to her, referring to mental health as “un-diagnosable” is incorrect because “mental health issues can be diagnosed by paying attention to ourselves and to the symptoms that may arise”. 
As a matter of fact, UK’s Mental Health Foundation claims that “it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem”. Then why are people still scared? 
“Most of us suffering from these kinds of illnesses never talk about it. We feel ashamed and sometimes people tend to push us away or worse, they slowly distance themselves from us. That’s why you just prefer keeping things to yourself and, if you can afford it, to your therapist”, Hannah said.
In the light of the above, “Still Ill” couldn’t come at a better time.
What’s left is to hope that those who will go to theatre to watch it will understand more about mental health and how these issues can affect people’s lives in many ways. 
Don’t miss the chance to see this incredible performance, find more information here

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