Devastating rooftop collapse in Nigeria

11/12/2016 Daniela Pisciottano

Nigerian state governor Udo Emmanuel was involved in a church rooftop collapse which killed 160 congregants this Saturday.

According to Ansa (Italian national Press agency), some witnesses have reported that at the moment of the collapse there was a large number of worshippers inside the Reigners Bible Church, there to witness Akan Weeks, the founder of the church, being ordered bishop.

During the ceremony, some metal girders have collapsed, crashing onto the worshippers.















The accident has injured almost 100 people, killing 160 congregants and, according to a spokesperson of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, the death poll is likely to increase in the next few hours.

The state governor Udo Emmanuel himself was in the church to witness the ceremony when the accident occurred but both him and Mr. Weeks have remained unharmed.

The authorities will carry an investigation to address the reasons behind this unfortunate event and the construction company that recently built Reigners Bible Church will undergo questioning.

Back in 2014,  a similar accident happened in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, where two engineers, the influential founder of the church T.B. Joshua and several church trustees were accused of negligence, after a building was proven to have collapsed due to “structural failures caused by design and detailing errors”.

A few hours ago the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, has communicated "deep sorrow" for the incident.

We will follow the story for more updates.

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