A Jump In The Past

11/04/2018 Daniela Pisciottano

Virtual Reality arrives to the Tate Modern this November with an exclusive exhibition about the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani.

This year you can discover a unique collection of iconic and lesser-known pieces by the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, in exhibition at the Tate Modern museum in London.

Through an array of sculptures, nude paintings and portraits, you will trace the development of the artist’s career through the years, from his early life in Paris to his final years in Italy.

 The exhibition will include the largest collection of nude portraits to ever be shown in the UK, displaying almost 100 pieces that revolutionised last century’s figurative painting.

Of the 100 pieces, there will be in fact twelve 

nude paintings that were first shown in 1917, when they were too controversial, leading the artist to be censored on the grounds of indecency.

Besides walking through Modigliani’s sensuous works, visitors will also have the chance to step inside a virtual-reality room.

The exhibition has been realized in partnership with HTC Vive, thanks to whom, from the 23rd  

November 2017 until the 2nd April 2018, Tate Modern visitors from all over the world will be able to step in the Parisian studio in which Modigliani is likely to have painted his famous “Self-Portrait 1919”.

  The exhibition will be displayed in 11 rooms, whilst the VR experience can be found in the penultimate room, where multiple Tate modern teams have reconstructed the interiors of the original Parisian studio after over five months of research.

Modigliani's life story is narrated through the environment itself, which will make you immediately feel submerged in his world and life.

The use of immersive audio, for instance, will discuss the objects on display, revealing first-hand accounts of the environment in which he lived.

This unique art exhibition at the Tate Modern will also give visitors the chance to discover some of the artist's lesser-known sculptures as well as portraits of his lovers, friends and supporters, including the artists Pablo Picasso, Constantin Brancusi and his partner Jeanne Hébuterne.

To recreate it and make the VR experience as truthful as possible, the Tate Modern team had to use first-hand accounts, historical research and the actual space as a template, since there are no photographs of the studio from the 1910s. For this reason, their work has been imprinted on the artist's lifestyle and living environment, including the cigarettes he used to smoke and the cans of sardines he used to eat. The Tate Modern team had insights into the methods and materials behind Modigliani's most important paintings, including “Self-Portrait” 1919 and “Jeanne Hébuterne” 1919.

The Tate Modern museum is open all year round and it is host to some of the most famous and beautiful works of contemporary art. Although Amedeo Modigliani’s works will only be on temporary display for the exhibition, visitors

are encouraged to always keep an eye out for the latest additions to the museum. The museum in fact holds a wide collection of over 70,000 artworks from the sixteenth century to the present day, both on a National and International scale from such artists as Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso.

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