Lake Garda and Surrounding Villages

11/04/2018 Daniela Pisciottano

Italy is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, favourite holiday destination of French, German and English people as this “boot-shaped” country has a lot to offer.

Among the beautiful landscapes, Lake Garda deserves an honorable mention.
















Easily reached by a road called “Forra”, defined by Winston Churchill as the eighth wonder of the world, this lake attracts thousands of tourists every year, thanks to the peaceful atmosphere that characterises it.

Lake Garda is also surrounded by many beautiful villages, like Sirmione.

This is a destination that you definitely shouldn’t miss; it is known to local and foreigners for the great amount of history that it holds.

  The town is situated on a peninsula that extends for 4km circa on the Garda Lake, rising almost 30 metres above the lake surface and offering a breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains.

Its narrow and irregular alleys make Sirmione one of the most peculiar villages in Italy. If you love local markets, then Colombare di

Sirmione is the perfect place for you; holding a weekly market that takes place on every Monday, you will be able to find some characteristic objects, local food and hand-crafted pieces.

  To enjoy the lake and have a wonder around then you can go on a boat trip, during which you will be shown around the various villages on the lake side and the beautiful mountainous view.

  This lake is considered to be a magical place, with its orange sunrises and pink sunsets where the colour of water reflects the sky, creating a view that looks almost like a Monet painting.

  Churchill was right when calling this place the eight wonder of the world; Lake Garda is one of the most amusing places on Earth.

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