Kashmir: 11 soldiers and 4 civilians remain killed in series of avalanches

26/01/2017 Daniela Pisciottano

Multiple avalanches hit Kashmir on Wednesday killing 4 civilians, 10 soldiers and the army Major Amit Sagar.

In the days before the accident occurred, The Times of India had already forecasted that the snow storm set to hit the Kashmir area could put the region at serious risk.















In the early hours of Wednesday four civilians have been killed in a first avalanche that hit Guerez. Some minutes apart, a second avalanche hit the tourist area of Sonmarg, where an army camp was located. Seven soldiers have been successfully rescued but the Major Amit Sagar, who was left buried in snow for too long, has not been saved.

Colonel Rajesh Kalia informed Aljazeera about the accident saying that "with the recovery of bodies of four more soldiers from the patrol, the toll in the avalanches is now 10".

In the following hours, two more avalanches hit the same area, a few kilometres apart from each other, involving an army camp and a group of soldiers out on patrol. Allegedly, 10 soldiers have lost their lives and it is yet to be confirmed how many others are still missing.

In this high alert status, the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway has been closed and all flights to Srinagar Airport have been cancelled.

Only a few days before this unfortunate event, on the 18th of January, an avalanche hit the Centre of Italy, killing almost 30 people in the collapse of a hotel (read more here).

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