Ban of Energy Drinks sale to under 16s

26/04/2018 Daniela Pisciottano

Today Asda was the last supermarket to join the ban on energy drink sales to under 16s. The Industry Labelling Guidelines already stated that energy drinks must have a warning label about their high caffeine content. This is in fact “similar to the amount contained in three cans of cola or a mug of instant coffee”.















Customers buying these drinks will now have to provide proof of identity in branches of Asda, Aldi, Tesco, Waitrose and more.

It all started last year, when the National Association of Women Teachers called for the sale of the drinks to under-16s to be “banned by all retailers”.

The national official for education, Darren Northcott, then described the beverages as “legal highs that helped fuel bad behaviour in schools”.

In January this year, as Waitrose was the first supermarket to spontaneously ban energy drinks to under-16’s, Theresa May promised to look into the dangers of the drinks after the death of Justin Bartholomew, the 25-year-old boy who died after regularly drinking 15 cans a day.

Many celebrities have campaigned in support of this ban, including the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who led the #NotForChildren campaign on Twitter.

Celebrities are not the only ones to support this campaign, various groups in the UK have in fact started to take a stand supporting this ban, including “Action on Sugar”, a group which runs nutrition-focused campaigns from Queen Mary University of London.

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