And look at me now…I’m a filthy, disgusting, nasty reproduction of him.

A junkie, an addict, I’m the cancer of society.

I’m what you wanted to protect us from.

Look at me now

locked up,

caught shooting that shit in my soul.

What makes me rest in peace

is writing this letter for you


Why am I going down

in this abyss I can’t move

my face hurts

losing everything

giving away what’s remaining of me

Stop this

leave me alone

I swear this was the last one

I’m leaving already

Darkness darkness I’m alone

Rage abyss

soon it will all end

I beg please bring me away

let me die just let me sleep

all this pain I cannot bear

I just want peace

It’s not my-

not my fault


Shit  Shit

it’s dark I feel so alone

let me die

this was the last one mum, the very last one

 here I come

here I come

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