Robert: Whoa!

Alex: What?

Robert: Can you keep it away from me please?

Alex: Her.

Robert: Oh it’s a she, sorry about that…

Alex: Can’t you see her breasts?

Robert: Oh those. I’m not a dog person

Alex: Is this the reason you’re here?

Robert: What? No it doesn’t make any sense

Alex: Well, you keep torturing your hands since we have started talking.

Robert: What’s that to do with the fact that I don’t like dogs?

Alex: Maybe a lack of confidence.  Just a feeling though.

Robert: I am… I… Are you some kind of psychologist or therapist?

Alex: Hell no.

Robert: Then why are you here?

Alex: My mum, she has a series of OCD’s and I get to drive her to these meetings.

Robert: So you’re not here for you

Alex: No. What’s your name again?

Robert: I’m Bobby

Alex: Right. I’m Alex

Robert: Yeah, I know.

Alex: So Bobby, Robert. Why do you go by a kids’ name?

Robert: What-

Alex: Hold on

       (answers a phone call)

  I have to go. Nice to meet you Robert

Robert: Nice to m-

Alex: Mom we need to go.

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