Marla: Excuse me sir, could you pass me that newspaper?

Charles: Sure! There’s plenty of news today.

Marla: I bet so, with this whole “Trump situation”

Charles: Indeed. See it’s on the first page. Kind of reminds me of Brexit.

Marla: Yes, so sad that people’s voices are put aside.

Charles: Well I guess that’s democracy nowadays. What’s your stop darling?

Marla: Piccadilly, I’m going to see Wicked for the first time. Exciting!

Charles: Oh good! Did you hear about this? (Pointing at the newspaper) A mother has killed her 6 years old son.

Marla: No, I didn’t.

Charles: It’s not the first time, sadly. Not long ago a woman suffocated her son to revenge on her ex-husband. How crazy must one be? Have you heard of that before?

Marla: No I haven’t

                (Tube voiceover announces: “Approaching Oxford Circus”)

Marla: I have to go. Nice to meet you sir.

Charles: Hm, you too.

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