I want to have a box of buttons too. You know one of those boxes where you find every type of button you can think of and it's almost impossible you will find two similar ones. One of those boxes that your grandma had, and one of those that your mum has too, just in a smaller size. But then one day it hits you, that day you need a button and realise that you don't have any and you have to ask your mum for one. That day you start wondering how she started collecting all those buttons in the first place. Even your mum doesn't have all of them, she still asks grandma every now and then if she needs a button. So you decide that it's time to start your collection. You buy a metallic box, one of those with butterscotch biscuits in it, but you're so excited that you can't even wait to eat them first.

So you put them aside and, after cleaning the metallic box, you put the first button in it. That's how you start collecting buttons, that's how your mum – and your grandma before her – did.

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