You looked at me dead in the eye and told me to trust you, then broke a promise I didn't ask you to make. I was falling for you and now I find myself falling out of love.

It was raining. It was raining so bad but now it stopped. Water is dripping through the pipe outside my window and the darkness of this room is resting my eyes.

The rain stopped but flashes keep coming and going, my brain wanders around, finding excuses to your mistake.

The storm stopped, although there’s been lightnings in my heart. The air was hard to breathe, and my head was tough to stop. But then it did, as I crawled to my corner, waiting for it to be over like it always does. The panic is over. The panic is gone, and I still hear the thunders but they're getting farther and farther. Give it time, and it'll be alright.

Your smell faded away, I thought it would stick there forever in time but I was wrong. It slowly disappeared, and the more days went by, the less I noticed how faded it was.

You witnessed the miracle of life and the atrocity of death when I was with you. You flashed me with your flaws and your demons and I introduced you to mine.

I thought ours was love, but I was wrong. Love is that thing that makes you happy, love is like finding another bar of chocolate in the vending machine drawer. It never happens, but you always hope for it, and when eventually it does happen, you feel like the luckiest person alive.

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