Two Poems

Another big wave

The sun shining balmy and undisturbed.

You, Mother Earth, are the host to many lives

offering birth, life and even death.

Shuttering exists, but nothing

will ever break you.


But this.

The land is dry.

Your aquatic sons,

confused and surprised,

are dying in these moments

short before your anger arrives,

destroying their fellow humans and

everything they did to seize your lands.

The escalation is hasty and seemingly careless;

ferocious and awaited, yet unpredictable like always.

Everything lays on the sand now, the Earth has been brought

back to its origin, restful; disorder is gone, nothing but

the birds can be heard. You have left, but you will be back.

Each time as it was the first time, unforeseen and unable

of teaching us the most important of all lessons.

Another big weave still won’t be enough

for us to learn to take care of you.

Forgive us, Mother Earth,

and we will forgive you,

for hurting us.

The deafening weight


Like cotton on ears

forgetting my fears.

Like lead in my heart

that’s falling apart.

The silence has come

in the form of a hum;


the silence is here,

for so many years.

A weight on my shoulder

like carrying a boulder,

the weight of your silence

and I lose my balance.


Your thunderous noise

brought tears to my eyes;

I heard the nothingness,

that resides in your quietness.

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