I’ve always been fascinated by the way birds gather together when it’s time to migrate from a place to another. Maybe it’s because I’m from a family full of immigrants, people who have decided to leave everything behind and try their luck elsewhere.

I myself am an immigrant; I moved from a small town in South Italy to London when I was 19 but, unlike birds, family and friends were all left behind as I boarded on a plane excited to see what was on the other side.


I want to have a box of buttons too. You know one of those boxes where you find every type of button you can think of and it's almost impossible you will find two similar ones. One of those boxes that your grandma had, and one of those that your mum has too, just in a smaller size. But then one day it hits you, that day you need a button and realise that you don't have any and you have to ask your mum for one.


100 Words Story:

(Interrogation room)

Amy: His voice gets lauder. I’m there, lying on the floor with my head bleeding and I can see his feet moving around me.


Officer: And then?

Amy: I think that it’s over, that he’s gone. But then I hear a thud, a loud noise from the kids’ room.


Marla: Excuse me sir, could you pass me that newspaper?

Charles: Sure! There’s plenty of news today.

Marla: I bet so, with this whole “Trump situation”

Charles: Indeed. See it’s on the first page. Kind of reminds me of Brexit.

Marla: Yes, so sad that people’s voices are put aside.

Charles: Well I guess that’s democracy nowadays. What’s your stop darling?


It was a Tuesday morning and, as we used to do every day, my mum, my brother Franci and I were having breakfast at the kitchen table. Franci was dipping his chocolate biscuits – and his fingers – in tea; I was eating my chocolate pastry and my mum was drinking her milk.We were talking about what to have for lunch after school when, all of a sudden, we heard some very loud steps coming from behind the corner. It was my sister, Robi, who, despite being only three, had the loudest footsteps I had ever heard. The sound of her dummy chain swinging from her little babygrow made us giggle, as we were all ready to see her pop out at any time.


You looked at me dead in the eye and told me to trust you, then broke a promise I didn't ask you to make. I was falling for you and now I find myself falling out of love.

It was raining. It was raining so bad but now it stopped. Water is dripping through the pipe outside my window and the darkness of this room is resting my eyes.

The rain stopped but flashes keep coming and going, my brain wanders around, finding excuses to your mistake.


Robert: Whoa!

Alex: What?

Robert: Can you keep it away from me please?

Alex: Her.

Robert: Oh it’s a she, sorry about that…

Alex: Can’t you see her breasts?

Robert: Oh those. I’m not...


I really know very little about life, about others and me.

I’m a curious person and I love to learn. I read very little though. I think my problem with books is the amount of time you need to spend reading them. I hate having to wait to know the end of a story.

So maybe it’s all about time.

There’s nothing I do without planning but, think about it, a person who plans everything - even the smallest details - will never feel comfortable in a random situation.



And look at me now…I’m a filthy, disgusting, nasty reproduction of him.

A junkie, an addict, I’m the cancer of society.

I’m what you wanted to protect us from.

Look at me now

locked up,

caught shooting that shit in my soul.


L: See that?

M: See what

L: The colours

M: Oh the sky

L: Yeah tonight the sunset is beautiful, isn't it?

M: It sure is. Sunsets are always beautiful


There are some mirrors that make you look thinner and there are some that make you look like a whale.

And then there are mornings, when most of the times you wake up, look in the mirror andthink that you're beautiful. There’s days you come back home and think “did i look this bad all day long”?


The sun shining balmy and undisturbed.

You, Mother Earth, are the host to many lives

offering birth, life and even death.

Shuttering exists, but nothing

will ever break you.


But this.


Disclaimer: This article was commissioned by the CEO of an ethical jewellery brand, who then refused to pay as too busy raising money. All emails and proof are available upon request. Her name and her brand’s name have been substituted with “EDITED” to avoid providing them any free publicity. The article is now for the public to read and all copyright belongs to the writer, Daniela Pisciottano

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