Alixandra Fazzina's Profile

02/11/2017 Daniela Pisciottano

As if being a woman wasn’t already hard enough in the world we live in, some women are taking it a step forward. Alixandra Fazzina is one of them. She is one of the best female photojournalists of our era who focuses on under-reported conflicts and the humanitarian consequences of war.





















During an interview, she has revealed to The Guardian that she has had “more than a few kidnap attempts” over the years she has been working in war zones.

For her extraordinary work documenting the effect of war on unprotected people, she has been awarded with the 2010 Nansen Refugee Award. Her photography is at the same time surreal and realistic, hopeful and devastating as she only captures everyday scenes that transport the viewer to the places where the photographs were taken.

Under her belt she has the publication of a book, A Million Shillings - Escape from Somalia, in 2008 and features on some of the biggest names in the editorial industry, including Time Magazine.

In 1995, before graduating from the University of Bristol, she was appointed as an official war artist in Bosnia, where she developed her interest in photography. She then moved to Africa and spent seven years working there. In 2008 she had an assignment in Afghanistan and then decided to base herself in Pakistan.

Over the past twenty years she has established herself as one of the industry professionals, publishing her stories exclusively for the NOOR Photography Foundation.

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